503 command

show ip eigrp neighbors
To view all eigrp adjaceny information.

show ip ospf interface
To view what ospf areas are conatined or is part of that interface whether it is erial or ethernet.

show queueing
To view random early detection queueing information

show ip ospf
To view all of the configuration and various ospf timers

show ipx servers
To view all of the ipx sap service names on the ipx network.

show isdn active
To view all DDR isdn call status while in progress.

show ip route eigrp
To view all eigrp routes in the routing table.

show ip ospf neighbor
To view all OSPF adjacnet routers or neighbors

show ip ospf border-routers
To view all of the OSPF Area Border Routers (ABR) in the AS.

show ipx access-lists
To view all ipx access filters created on router.

show ip ospf virtual-links
To view all information or the status of all OSPF virtual links configured.

show ip interface
To view all TCP/IP information on the interface including what filters were setup.

show source-bridge
To view all source route briding information

show isdn status
To view the current status of the isdn ddr connection that was established.

show ip access-lists
To view all IP access list filters configured on the router.

show snapshot
To view all snap routing configured on ISDN circuit and if the routing is functional.

show ip ospf database
To view all Link State Advertisments (LSA) that are in the OSPF link state database.

show ip ospf 77
To view all information based on each ospf area that is operationally for OSPF PID 77.

show ip eigrp topology
To view all of the eigrp routes reachable in the database.

show ipx traffic
To view or verify if the bad hop count counter is going up on the routers involved with a particular problem.

show queueing priority
To view all priority queueing configured on the router.

show ipx route
To view all ipx static or RIP/EIGRP routes in the routing table

show dialer
To view the current status of the connected or disconnected ddr link.

show ipx interfaces
To view all of the configured interfaces and the current ipx status.

show frame-relay map
To view information that is important to see if the current frame relay mappings are correct and to see if those mappings are up and not down.


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